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Angelina fans make the best friends

add fellow fans of Angelina Jolie
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This is a community for people who love Angelina Jolie to meet others who share their obsession love. Tell us all about yourself!

The only three rules are:
1. You must love Angelina Jolie. Not 'like' -- 'love.'
2. If you post a photo, quiz, or meme, put it under an lj-cut.
2. No non-Angelina community advertising. This means NO RATING COMMUNITIES. If you don't pay attention to this, I'll report you for spam, delete your entry, and ban you. However, if you have an Angelina-focused community, you know we wanna join! so tell us about it. Just don't go crazy and post about it every day.

Have lots of fun!

If you're not sure what to share, here's a good start:

Why I love Angelina:
Years I've been loving Angelina:
Favorite Angie movie:
Favorite physical feature of Angie:
Favorite bands:
Motto/life philosophy:
Favorite candy:
You should add me because:

Your friendly mod is belenen -- comment in my journal if you have a question.